Slavery 5.0

Those who are looking back centuries for injustices that they can demand reparations for today would do better to keep their eye on what is developing around them right now. Anyone who doubts that many in power hold little regard for the sanctity of human life and are willing to make serfs out of what could otherwise be creative and productive free people only needs to look at a these two news reports rom a major US network. Why anyone would be sick enough to want to create human-animal hybrids in the first place is a question I could not even pretend to answer:

However, the answer is probably quite similar to the reason why the Chinese government is genetically reengineering human beings to ‘produce’ a new crop of bio-robo ‘super-soldiers’ (stronger, lower fear & pain responses, more resistant to chemical weapons, etc.): Namely, that they have in-mind some way to use the lives of these custom-designed ‘beings’ to achieve their goals:

When those in government are so dark that they view people merely as tools to be controlled and put to use only to serve them, the time to trust what they say and do is already gone. It’s a time for new government – of, by, and for the people. China is leading the way on these moves, but if someone can tell me a good reason why the democrats cancelled the ban on US work on “Chimeras”, they would certainly have my attention.

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