Showing Their Cards

Globalism is a very well-known term, though still largely as a conspiracy theme. Well, the UN and WHO are pushing for universal governance, using COVID as the reason to impose global surveillance and control, likely because the US now has an administration that may play along. The recommendations on pages 45-59 of this document include establishing financial independence for the WHO, strengthening the power and autonomy of its director-general, allowing it to establish a new global system for surveillance, and giving it greater access to financial resources including a long term ‘Pandemic Financing Facility’. The document implicitly dismisses the possible benefits of individual countries and their peoples determining their own pandemic response policies for themselves:

“Any transformation of the international system will require more robust international governance for pandemic preparedness and response. International legal instruments should support that goal.”

“Global health is inevitably a politically charged domain and it is vital that WHO as an institution is strong enough to be able to perform with maximum independence.”

This seem very overbearing and unnecessary given that a much more fundamental initial step in battling COVID would be if governments and the medical establishment for the first time gave attention and energy to how to treat the infection.

Meanwhile the IMF is showing interest as the holder of an international reserve cryptocurrency based on a global stablecoin as well as the power to tax globally. Some of its pertinent white papers can be found here. It will be interesting to see how the people pushing all this try to get Russia and China to fall in line, because those governments will not be swayed by attempts to use COVID and climate change to exert external pressure on their policies.

I’m sorry that all this is such glum news, but its important to me that you are aware of it. Negative periods always end and get getter, and that happens more quickly and with less loss the more aware everyone is. When those running deceptions like the ones we are being led through now begin to show their real agenda more openly, it usually means that the time for their final push towards their goal is near. So we can expect things to get crazier as their campaign peaks, but it is also the time where their failure can be gained. Have a great day.

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