The New Battlefields

As well as growing domestic unrest within countries, we are also seeing more international belligerence from states like China and Iran, and the likelihood of war looks to be increasing. China just threatened Australia with a missile strike. The CPC has also said it will take Taiwan during Xi’s term, however we may not see it launch a conventional attack on the island, which accounts for 60% of the foundry for semiconductor production. Old fashioned war destroys a nation’s infrastructure and its centers of production, which China would certainly prefer to take-over intact. Rather than applying conventional or nuclear force, aggressor nations are becoming more likely to utilize bioweapons and coordinated cyberattacks. Properly deployed, these weapons also allow an attacking government to deny its culpability. So this new form of warfare enables a nation to conduct assault campaigns stealthily to weaken its target(s) over an extended period of time via sporadic attacks without spilling its own blood or treasure. The new battlefields are the internet and the inside of your body.

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