No Slaves For the Knaves

The macro bad news is that governments are nearing the final push of their concerted campaign to arrogate all of the power in society to themselves, relieve themselves of the huge sovereign debts they have created along with their other failures, and turn all of the rest of us into their tightly-controlled serfs. Of course they are pursuing this in the name of finally establishing that oft-portrayed ‘new’ fair and just society that revolutionary politicos have deceived the public with so many times before, of empowering the weak and supposedly-outcast, of saving the planet, and of saving all the good people (those who are going along with them) from the bad folks (the ones who disagree with them). There’s really not much new in this playbook of canards except perhaps the eco-twist.

But the good news is that many ordinary people are realizing the extent to which they have been played (one would hope so after the obvious and brazen abuses we have been seeing). Even SJW- types in their young-20s indoctrinated since high school are now telling their stories of awakening from their programming. Promoting this awareness is the reason why nearly 2 years ago I stopped posting here about career-focussed themes to instead highlight the concerning macro sociopolitical legerdemain that was already underway but was not yet in the news. At this period in time this focus just matters so much more, and the more that people decide not to continue to swallow the deceptive pablum that they have been fed, to stop swimming with the prevailing groupthink current, the better the outcome of this period is likely to be.

My current DIY blog theme is only my (untrained layperson) attempt to come-up with examples of countering activities that people who have recently come to such an inclination might want to try doing now. Ultimately, its going to take a whole tribe of people who network, organize, de-muzzle themselves, and stand together to push back on government to turn the tide. Whether more people wake-up and stand-up or not, I expect society to become much more chaotic and look quite different over the next two years. But a mass of awake, active, and un-fearful people too big to ignore or to discount (e.g., with another ‘extremist group’ label) can dramatically steer the outcome of this phase for the better.

Public pushback time is obviously when government gets more fierce and punitive to maintain its push, but that is when it most-fully exposes itself for what it really is. Things can get very spicy then, but if the civil disobedience is executed well (with smart peaceful tactics, no vengeance, and maximum transparency) by resolute people, the elite commissar gang can be pushed back to the sidelines fairly quickly. The important thing after that would be to continue to work longterm to counter the woketard mindset and world view that is so pervasive in government, education, the media, popular culture, and our other institutions. To instead restore unbiased common-sense pragmatism (plans based on ideas that have been proven to work through prior ‘field-testing’) and the importance everyone thinking critically for themselves (something woke indoctrination steers young people away from). Not attending to this after the cold war ended is why we in the USA have reached this point that we face now.

But the puppeteers’ whole facade is cracking and being more widely seen for the sham it is now. More people are chucking their blue pill and giving the red pill a try. Now that a dam-break in awareness may be building, I hope in the next few months that more smart freedom-loving people will realize the urgency of the time now and start thinking creatively about effective strategies and approaches to keep our rights and sovereignty that our government leaders, who swore in their oaths-of-office to uphold, protect, and to defend, now openly and systematically betraying with dumbfounding impunity. WE have to stop that. Yes, you could have to endure some difficulty, but do you think you will not if you let their program reach its end goal ?

Even if if resisting brings trouble to your door, might even that worst-case outcome possibly be worth it ?There is no way I could ever ‘put myself in the shoes’ of the victims that ISIS lined up and beheaded, and if I ever were in such situation I expect I might find my answer very fast, but nonetheless the question that came to my mind when I saw their videotape of that was: When you are being lined-up on your knees, (presumably) knowing the reason is to be slaughtered on-film for being Christian so that the footage can be used to intimidate other Christians, why wouldn’t you at-least prefer to die on your feet ? At a much softer level, Americans who are conservative constitutionalists, any who voted for Trump, or any stridently critical of the left, are already being categorically demonized – as domestic terrorists, white supremacists, and racists. So-far, these traditionalist people have accepted or ignored these calumnies, perhaps expecting them to fade away. Enough. The time has come to call the vast majority of them out for the un-substantiated slanders that they are. Just insist that the slanderer clearly explain and justify their basis for their aspersion. Either they wont, or they will prattle out a bunch of tendentious nonsense. Its an easy finish after that.

My Point: (Smart) Resistance is NOT Futile.

It is important now and could prove to be one of the more meaningful things you do with yourself.

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