Government Gambling The Future We’ve Worked For

We are not even 3 months into the first Biden term and the USA has already changed sharply. Nearly $4 Trillion in new debt on the way, an epic border and ‘imported-voters’ demography crisis, attacks on our voting processes, on the 2nd and 4th amendments, on womens’ identity – particularly in sports, and a retargeting our military’s prime role into one aimed more to fulfill an imposed rainbow-flag social experiment than to be the most effective and deadly fighting force it can possibly be – it’s been quick and straightforward work for the new administration. Yet even more extreme is what I have read from a reliable source that the escalation of military tensions between Russia and Ukraine is being pushed by members of Biden’s administration because the same green globalists calling the shots who had him shut down the Keystone pipeline from Canada also want to shut down the Nordstream 2 pipeline from Russia to Europe by creating a NATO crisis. This seems exceedingly reckless, inhumane, and crazy to consider, but I’m relaying it only because of the degree to which I trust the source.

These people are said to be purposefully pushing Ukraine into conflict with Russia in a bid to take Crimea from it. Crimea is historically Russian, the people there speak Russian, and its location on the Black Sea makes it an important seaport for Russia, providing quick access through the Bosphorus to the Mediterranean. Any second-rate strategist knows that Russia will resolutely defend any attempts to seize it. The Biden administration is supposedly promoting this conflict and would bring the US into the fray in support of Ukraine and its unjust claim on Crimea. As Tulsi Gabbard just emphasized on Tucker Carlson’s show, this would return the danger of large throw weight nuclear war between the US and Russia to a level not seen since the cold war. This is just nuts. China would likely enter the conflict on the side of Russia, as well as move to retake Taiwan while invoking exactly the same type of argument being used here: that Taiwan was once part of China. Crimea actually was assigned to Ukraine for some time during the cold war, but it is historically Russian.

A willingness to get the USA into war with Russia and China, and to likely setoff world war three in service of a green agenda is sheer madness, and would serve as proof that the greens pushing it actually have none of the care for human life and welfare that they portray. If it proves true, reason would also indicate that these green proponents are more likely after one-world government control with central power held by entities like the UN and WEF. Of course, the existing governments across the globe that have locked-down, disemployed, and removed many of the rights of their citizens could be expected to immediately enact significantly more draconian controls under genuine martial law. If such plans for totalitarian control of everyone are in-work, they will either succeed of lapse into failure mode within approximately these next three years. So if there were ever a time for the people to resist them it is now. Another possible upcoming in this regard: It looks like the US government may act to push us from cash over to digital dollars by close to the end of 2022.

If I were part of a group with totalitarian ambitions, I might go about that objective by weakening or conscripting law enforcement, curtailing or repressing peoples’ ability to do, access, and utilize many of the things they’ve already had like rights to self-defense, the freedoms of movement, assembly, self-expression and communication, due-process under the law, ability to obtain unfiltered, uncensored news and information, privacy and confidentiality, food, healthcare and medicine, energy and transportation, ability to work and earn a living, control over one’s own money & savings, voting rights & processes, and the ability to question. These things are targeted or have already been restricted. If we come under wartime, there’s no telling what would be next.

So I’ve relayed what I read on what lies behind the tensions between Russia and Ukraine. Now let’s see what happens.

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