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Centralized control over food production is showing up in parts of Europe, as are restrictions on farming in places like Canada. Farmers in France and Germany have protested the EU’s latest proposal to reform the Common Agricultural Policies instigated by DeGaulle in 1962. The reforms align with ‘Green New Deal’ ideology. One of them imposes a ‘nitrogen fee’ on nitrogen fertilizers without providing feasible alternatives. In Croatia, following the introduction of medical unanimity, complete control of state and corporate media, censorship on social networks, imposing controls on the freedom of movement and Covid passports, restrictions on the right to work and to peacefully assemble, the Croatian government is now introducing a complete control on all food sources. It is doing so via three initiatives: the Law on Seeds, the Census of Agriculture, and a complete control on fishing by using drones to oversee fishing boats, also by placing monitoring devices on each fishing net, rope, and longline.

The new EU Ag Census requires all that all food production: farms, livestock, fishing, etc., be inventoried by government. Older Croatians are wary of this because they remember that the last time that this happened there in 1945 it was merely a preliminary step to the state seizing and collectivizing all of the farms, then ordering the farmers off of their lands. Yet similar to the manner in which the Biden administration has implemented a new open-border immigration crisis in the US (and has tried to keep the press from observing and reporting on it) without ever going before the people to make the case for why they should consent to it, European government is imposing food production controls without giving any explanation on why these moves are beneficial to the society there. The people on both sides of the Atlantic are just accepting these detriments that their governments are foisting on them – so far. The once-fictional dystopias posited in science fiction novels where government controls the individual by utilizing electronic monitoring, data storage and assessment, and by imposing legal restrictions continue to become more concrete realities of our daily lives.

The Biden administration is being driven from the shadows by some group of people who favor far-left collectivism and environmental extremism, but we don’t know their identity. When GW Bush was president, it was clear that he was a puppet (and a dupe) for his neocon VP Dick Cheney, but who are the puppet masters actually running the United States government now ? It’s a rather important question.

What will happen with food production here is the US ?: It is widely known that Bill Gates rather quickly became the largest owner of US farmland, but noone knows what he intends to do with it; let’s keep our eyes peeled. If you have read my posts for awhile you may recall how astute I thought that my retired friend living at ‘Top of the World’ above Laguna Beach, CA was for selling his home and moving to Paonia Colorado, but I thought that his efforts to go completely “off-grid” and to grow his own food there were a bit much. Well, I think I’m going to call him to get some tips on greenhouses, ‘vertical farming’, and so-on. The season here in Idaho is trickier than the Californian one I’m used to for growing veggies.

The maker of this video does a good deal of dot-connecting and editorializing, but it provides good information on this move in Croatia – which the bought-off MSM will never tell you about:

It is unclear to what extent the new authoritarian ‘green’ policies are being advanced because their proponents are true-believers that a global climate disaster is imminent, or merely as red-herrings enabling government to take control over business and much of the rest of society. It is surely a mix, but for the people now running governments, it unquestionably affords a device to maintain and consolidate power – and they are doing that now without any regard for how the people feel about it. Many who called for climate-driven restrictions and regulations in the past turned out to be hysterical on how dire the threat was, yet this is rarely pointed out. According to Al Gore (a climate ‘scientist’ on-par with Leo DiCaprio and AOC), the streets of Manhattan should have been a couple feet underwater for years now. But why exercise humility and proportion when demagoguery is possible through keeping the fear level up in ordinary people over an issue that they do not understand, but have nevertheless been led to believe is a forgone catastrophe ? Here is Biden’s current ‘climate czar’ saying in 2008 that 5 years out, the arctic would have its first ice-free summer:

On Thursday in India he said that transnational concerted action on climate change must be implemented immediately to avoid a ‘global suicide pact across the planet’. Whew ! Later this month Biden will convene dozens of world leaders in a virtual Earth Day summit to get them to move on this. No matter whether you are climate change believer or not, you have to admit that the efforts governments are now launching to control the supply of food, without explanation, is just plain weird and gives reason for real concern. There is just no viable way for government to claim that by restricting the ability of the people to produce and consume food it is looking-after the welfare of them and ‘the planet’.

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