A Tale of Two Americas

We’re done with the president who defiantly drove his policies his own way and was very happy to talk proudly, defiantly, and arrogantly about his reasons for them unendingly when asked (by the less-combative reporters) about them. Now we have one who is bypassing congress by signing executive orders by the dozens, many of which he may not even understand very well, written by his puppet masters. He avoids speaking about these actions, the establishment press wont challenge him on them, and by not announcing what he’s about to sign in advance, he doesn’t allow for the possibility of a-priori public debate on them (“you can’t [legislate] by executive order unless you are a dictator” – Biden last October). There are a few conservative pipe-ups in the press corps, but might they soon become disenfranchised ?: After Jen Psaki answered a number of WH press briefing questions with “let me get back to you on that”, the WH considered excluding all conservative reporters from its pressers – accountability problem solved !

The “impeachment trial” is completely illegitimate and another play to consolidate power by tarring-and-feathering Trump in order to make it impossible for him to ever make a political comeback. Anyone who cares to step over the media blather to simply read the pertaining law will find that impeachment trials can only serve to unseat a sitting president, and are required to be directed and presided over by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court – who has refused to attend. If Trump committed insurrection, he should have been charged and given a trial date. Since this “impeachment trial” is going forward with complete disregard of these discrepancies it has no legal authority at all. The Constitution gives congress no power to retroactively impeach, but if this farce is carried-out, it will set a precedent for the Republicans when they regain power to be able to do similarly ‘creative’ things like retroactively impeaching Obama for ordering the surveillance of Trump and his campaign in 2016; just as democrats’ tweak of the ‘nuclear option’ came back to bite them later. These excesses are how existing law gradually crumbles.

But the democrats have no intention of allowing power to revert back out of their hands now and are moving fast to lock it down longterm while changing the country irreversibly. Washington DC remains under military occupation with the latest in the sequence of the Biden administration’s changing rationales for that being that it is needed for security during the trial. We’ll see what reason they give next. Perhaps the new Biden administration is fearful that too many Americans disbelieve that he was legitimately elected by them. Or maybe it just wants to use the threat of military action as part of its power grab (or both). It, along with the media and tech conglomerates, are tagging people who publicly raise their doubts about that with the “domestic terrorist” label – the newest and more severe categorical stigmatization for political wrong-thinkers in the tired list of existing slurs (racist, white supremacist, trans/homophobe, fascist, etc.). All you have to do to qualify for the tag is to peacefully disagree. It is an extraordinarily severe and asymmetric way for the democrats and the media establishment to react to election doubters, given that they themselves spent four years wrongly and stubbornly insisting that Russian election interference was instrumental in Trump becoming president.

The new “Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act” has been readied (along with the military in DC) to quash civil uprisings, and if that happens we’ll have to note what qualified as a DT action on the part of the people. The Capitol Hill riot provided the rationale for the bill, as well as for imposing stricter controls on the people, but this was well out of line with responses to analogous protest events in the past. A woman once tried to bomb the Capitol building and there have been several riots and demonstrations there. In March, protestors laid siege to the grounds of the White House, driving the president into an underground bunker. In none of these instances did anyone cry out about a coup attempt, militarize the capitol indefinitely, nor prepare new legislation to suppress some purportedly new American-terrorist insurgency. The comparisons being made between the democrats using the riot event as a false flag to clamp down on their political opposition and Hitler burning the Reichstag for the same reason are not baseless.

AOC’s fairy tales for why she fears that Republicans like Ted Cruz threaten her life are her own effort to delegitimize them. She lies poorly and overly dramatically, but at least she never feels ashamed nor sheepish about being discovered for it. Her story of hunkering down in her office during the Capitol Hill riots was immediately circumspect given that her office is not in the Capitol building. And Pelosi’s comment that “The enemy is within” (the house of representatives) is just pure poison.

BLM got nominated for a Nobel peace prize after being instrumental in destroying entire sections of dozens of American cities. Tucker Carlson is still doing a decent job of reporting the news from the dissident side, and those who choose to can still watch his show on TV. But CNN is pushing to get FOX News removed from the air, and Lou Dobbs’ show has already been nixed from that network. Parler has been squelched. The Biden team has already called for a council to consider how to stack the Supreme Court with leftist judges. They want to make the District of Columbia a new state with new democratic senate seats, and they are rushing to pass H.R. 1, the “For the People Act”. The provisions of this bill include virtually eliminating any restrictions on vote-by-mail (because it just worked so well !), and significantly reducing the roles that states play in federal elections. It also assaults our First Amendment birthright to free political speech. Biden has mandated mask-wearing, and has made initial steps in going after personal gun/ammo ownership.

He is halting deportations, will allow a new caravan to enter the country, (without any COVID screening) and is clearing the way to install new immigrant populations in communities throughout the US without their own local government’s recourse on the matter. And if you and your siblings are expecting to inherit a property from your parents and plan to sell it, you may want to google “Biden stepped up basis” and read about the tax changes that he has in store for you but is not telling you about, then reconsider your planning. There is a national reshaping and a huge political power-grab underway at light speed, and even Biden’s proponents should be able to see that he never talked about most of it during his campaign, nor is he allowing for any of it to be voted upon nor debated. Trump’s lawyer Lin Wood has been told to submit to mental fitness tests or else be disbarred. Imagine the global media hurricane if Trump had done anything vaguely as totalitarian as these things.

George Bush was a puppet president run by Cheney, Wolfowitz, and the other neocon puppeteers behind him. Joe Biden is an even-more vacuous one run immediately by the new Trotskyite democrats behind him and likely more further up the string by master puppeteers in the CCP and the WEF. Chinese money has increasingly been in American politicians’ pockets since at least Clinton’s time, and for the dot-connecting on the WEF and its Global Reset (of federal debt), see my prior posts. Biden’s executive orders already number around 60, and his issuance of them may be on-pace with FDR. Governing by decree without having to answer to it is obviously an easy way to enact fast change.

Newsom, Lightfoot, Cuomo, and other blue state leaders nearly simultaneously lifted their lockdowns within a week of Biden’s inauguration – it appears that playing politics with the lives and livelihoods of the people of their states (of all political persuasion) was ethically acceptable to them. Meanwhile, Biden has indicated that he may soon require that we present COVID vaccination certification (“papers please”) to board domestic plane flights, and we have yet to see whether he will implement his “dark winter” of federal lockdowns to supersede the ones that the states had in place. The reason these COVID restrictions are so incoherent is because they are being used not just for public health, but to control the people and to prevent them from organizing.

The world has seen these sorts of moves to centralize power and control before, so the coming repression can be inferred from history. Despite all the industrial hue and cry on how dangerous and scary Trump was for justice and rights, this is the most dangerous and scary time I’ve ever seen – and it took barely two weeks since Trump’s departure for it to get underway in high gear. This is all being pushed at blinding speed because the left has an agenda that they want to implement fast, without your approval or say-so on, and get it effectively locked-down so it will be irreversible. I have previously laid-out what that agenda is. If you reject this power-grab the time to speak up is now. Because afterwards, you may have to keep silent, no matter where they take this. And you may also need to be ready to hand your children over to the state to be indoctrinated and utilized, rather than being able to allow them to inherit the independence you’ve enjoyed to forge your own independent path and to bring your own aspirations into reality in the world. Worst of all, at some future point you may have to keep your own true thoughts shut-in while you spend time with them, just like Orwell depicted.

In Orwell’s 1984, society is divided into 3 groups: the Inner Party whose members hold all the power, the Outer Party; comprised of surveillance people who work for and are watched-over by the Inner Party, and the powerless subjugated Proles who carry-out the actual labor needed to sustain society. In today’s America, the Inner Party appears to remain government, the Outer Party big tech (with big finance entering the ring now that BofA is acting to spy on personal data for the feds), and the rest of us are Proles, except for those of us like Gates and Soros with sufficient self-acquired power that we wish to utilize in ways that align with the objectives of the Inner Party. Actually us Proles may soon be further marginalized into an entirely ‘useless class’ (direct quote) by AI. The Inner Party contains politicians of both major parties.

We do not have a fundamental divide in this country based upon differences in our personal identities along racial or sexual categorizations as the mass doublespeak media keep training us to believe. We have a division along lines of class. Many people think Trump was the ultimate rich 1-percenter in disregard of ordinary Americans’ aspirations to make a nice modest life for themselves. I see the new leadership much more in that light. John Kerry just openly conveyed that he classifies himself above us proles. When asked about his aim to squelch fossil-fuel driven air and land travel while flying solo in his own private jet, he said: “its the only choice for someone like me who is traveling the world to [enforce my/our will on everyone like you, blah blah blah]”. Members of elite groups including the political left, big tech, Hollywood, and the MSM have been working hard to widen racial and other identity divisions in our society. Keeping the people divided is an effective way to keep them from uniting against you. Check with Sun Tzu on that if you wish.

Europe is several months ahead of the US in the lockdown schedule, and due to the hardships, protests have there been intensifying. Look for austerity to be imposed. Spain, France, and particularly Italy pose systemic risk to the EU and a new G30 policy report from Mr. QE Mario Draghi calls for imposing austerity – as much as possible without causing a societal revolution. Who knows if the EU will continue to hold ? So a wave of European money may still flee to the US, buoying the stock market further, but the markets have yet to cast a definitive vote on whether international money is comfortable parking under the shadow of Biden’s new policies. It may take until the end of March or April for that to become clearly evident, but the indications so-far on that are not good. The velocity of US M1 money dropped abruptly after the mortgage crisis QE then continued to tail off. Going into Biden’s election, it dropped off another cliff. It appears international investors are wary of the new US market environment.

Much of the market run-up so far this year has been from newly-created USDs. The US economy is sagging while the market has been strong. Meanwhile China just overtook the USA as the top country for direct foreign investment, with many international investors viewing the 3% yield on their bonds as a reasonable capital haven now. Inflation is here and will pick-up, but capital is confused with all political and economic changes. Jeremy Grantham is talking about an impending crash based on how overvalued the market is based on expect future dividend yields. Many are predicting the crash of the ARK ETFs as well as the broader market based on such fundamental arguments. But it should be clear that markets have not been trading on fundamentals. Big international capital is looking primarily for the best places to park away from government risk now. China just became more attractive because investors recognize that it is not destroying its own economy like Europe and the democratically-controlled regions of the US have been. Let us hope that the spike in unemployment shown below continues its descent. But the Fed just said that real unemployment just turned back up to around 10 %.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-1.png

The democrats are behaving in a mighty and emboldened way now. However, they may be making yet another mistake of hubris and overbearance. Demeaning, disparaging, and disenfranchising 75 million lawful Americans for nothing more than exercising their right of free voting choice is un-American and certainly not an act in service of “unity”. Although the democrats are acting like they have a super majority, they only have a weak plurality, with a 50.4% majority in the House. In the Senate, it is 50/50 requiring the Vice President to beat the tie. These numbers are part of the reason why Biden doesn’t want his new initiatives to be subjected to congressional voting prior to implementation.  The dems can disenfranchise and push on conservatives, and spring their new “domestic terrorist” law on any that defiantly bristle. But by pushing and controlling an unpopular agenda by means of intimidation and by ruining the checks and balances of the American political system, they are more likely to drive a secession of some states within the next few years and ultimately a split of the county than to consolidate long term absolute power over all the states. And they are already driving a split within their own party. We are likely to see splits in both parties soon.

Until the democrats do something to really address ‘unity’ and to tend to the typical concerns of ordinary people (the economy, national security, maintaining infrastructure, upholding individual freedoms, etc.) rather than ‘Making America Weaker Again’ (MAWA) while playing class power games, this remains a likely course for the USA. It will also ensure that the United (or Divided) States of America will secularly decline as in power and prosperity, to be overtaken by China. The performance of our economy, our security, the freedom of our people, and the safety of capital here in 1 to 2 years should be the best measure of the new leadership. It usually takes about that long to see the fruits that a new administration’s course are bearing (though this one is moving exceedingly fast). But many Americans will maintain their current political alignments no matter what results. At this point the divisions in the country have become very ideological, deep, belief-driven, and are unlikely to ever heal again. It’s not difficulty to understand how most of the states will align if and when the country divides. One month from now I’ll be a new resident of Idaho.

If the left do bring the hammer down hard they will divide the people of this country irreparably. So many people are already in-exodus from blue metro zones and states: Putting aside the risks (infection, civil unrest, unemployment & surging crime, etc.), what is the upside of living in a metropolitan area now that all the restaurants, museums, theaters, churches, convention centers, music halls, sporting arenas, etc. are shut-down and off-limits to you ? That ‘culture’ used to be what counterbalanced the higher congestion and taxes, but not any more, especially if you can work remotely. Now the culture of the big city exists more in the minds and memories of metro dwellers than in their actual lives. And no matter how well a vintage Barolo washes down that guanciale & truffle risotto dish at (the now-tented version of) your favorite heart-of-town restaurant, knowing that there is a 5-10% chance of seeing some street urchin do something crazy or profane outside while you’re eating detracts from the experience – at least for me. Suburban Orange County has remained mainly free of that so-far, but not downtown LA. It used to be nice on occasion to take an after-dinner stroll there, but now we just get in the car and leave immediately.

So hopefully in Idaho I’ll do OK continuing to say whatever I think and believe. It’s still a good deal less expensive and I’m looking forward to finally getting a dog now that we’ll have a yard big enough for it – my vote will be for a Siberian Husky. Although I may soon be ineligible to board a domestic air flight, that’s OK: Idaho borders 6 states and Canada in one of the best places, IMHO, to go road-tripping. Glacier and Grand Teton National Parks, Yellowstone, and the monuments (Zion, Canyonlands, etc.) of Utah are all within ~a hardcore day’s drive. And with the Nez Perce & Kootenai National Forests, and the Sawtooth, White Cloud, and Bitter Root ranges, Idaho itself has a lot to offer – I’d better buy some randonnee skis and other gear, buddy-up with some locals who know the backcountry, and get back into shape (all good !).

The largely-religious farmers in Idaho that have been categorized by some coastal people as ‘deplorables’, ‘white supremacists’, etc. are different from many of those urbane professionals, but not in the ways they tend to presume: Most of them are wealthy, self-reliant, content, and they do not hate nor concern themselves with other groups of people and their ways. And their very hard work produces food; something unquestionably necessary and essential to everyone, and which will likely be in greater demand soon (China has been stocking up on food). Hopefully they wont sell most of their farmland over to Bill Gates’ new project.

Look up the definition of ‘fascist’, and then decide for yourself who that appellation pertains best to in this country today.

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