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Americans are much more obedient and passive than they were when I was a youth, but historical precedent indicates that is likely to change soon. As we enter the new year, California has just issued a new indefinite COVID lockdown with a stay-at-home-order for those in the Southland. These comprehensive restrictions come now that we know that only a minuscule number of people under 30 get sick, that Fauci, Birx, as well as pols like Newsome, Whitmer, and Cuomo have flip-flopped on their own health precautions & restrictions. And since they have violated them personally, how concerned about COVID can they really be? Biden has promised a 100 day federal lockdown while those who lost their businesses, jobs, and livelihoods because politicos forced their extended closure just saw congress offer them a ‘relief’ of $600 of their own money while sending hundreds of billions of it overseas to fund things like gender studies in Pakistan. Meanwhile, there are few things more un-American to watch than the police violating the US Constitution to arrest a Staten Island bar owner for keeping his business open so that he can feed his family by continuing to serve food and drinks to adults who decide for themselves that they still want to patronize his place.

The lockdowns are most fatal to small businesses, which account for 70% of the employment in the USA, and which are operated by people who tend towards conservative, but they have been great for big tech. 37% of all the dollars in circulation have been printed in the past 10 months, which has not hurt the banking system that distributes them. This has not been terribly expansionary to the money supply since around $2 Trillion/month in production has been removed by the lockdowns and consumers are hanging onto every penny they can, but inflation has appeared in some sectors and does loom for any future period when demand might pickup. Another interesting telltale in this regard is the bifurcation between the artificially-low federal interest rates and ‘real’ interest rates in the browbeaten private sector.

No matter how docile and numb Americans have become, they will not remain that way when they receive such treatment from a government that has destroyed their security and future, and appears hell-bent to continue to despite the evidence that shows how unnecessary much of that is. Even with all the months of forbearance that mortgage lenders have extended to their borrowers, mortgage delinquency rates are at 35-40% in many states. A second lockdown may be crushing and is likely to bring crowds of previously peaceable people out into the streets bearing ‘torches and pitchforks’ – particularly if the incoming administration opens the borders and the benefits roster to 11 million new people who are not Americans and did not come here to legally participate.

The media will miss having Trump to bash, as will many people who they trained to hate him simply for his braggadocio and personality. But they are likely to find (not surprisingly after near a half-decade in DC) that Biden is much more of an establishment guy that does not have any better plans in mind for them (at least Trump said what he was going to do in advance). Not only does he ferry his son over to foreign lands on federal aircraft to do private deals with their governments that are very lucrative to his family, he has also enlisted people from Goldman Sachs and big tech to work with his administration.

Trump’s military disengagement from the world may be reversed with neocon foreign military actions resumed – because a large sector of the ‘swamp’ feeds on those actions. But if China invades Taiwan, which is more likely now, it will be interesting for the world to see whether the Biden administration is willing to deploy the US military to stand down the aggression. American consumers buying Chinese products has been the greatest preventative against conflict between the two countries. But now that the US consumer has been flattened by government cancelling so much of the US economy, this disincentive for China to provoke hostility with the USA will no longer exist (as strongly). The opening the US government has made in brokering peace in the middle east will certainly be closed, unfortunately. It will remain to be seen if the 3 Arab governments that have inked agreements with Israel will maintain them.

The dollar will hold value for some time due to its position as the international reserve and (still largely-so) oil-trading currency, and if Biden doesn’t make it excessively inhospitable for foreign capital to come park in the US, this will maintain its value as well. Kyle Bass’ thesis that China is a paper tiger that conceals its gross weakness is poignant at this juncture. Because if he is correct, western free market capitalism would defeat it without war, if it weren’t for all the fractious forces in the west driving its own self-destruction. It is very fortuitous to China that it needn’t do anything to weaken what it sees as its western adversaries now other than watch and wait. Bass notes the decline in several of the ex-USD Renminbi-trading currencies like the Argentine Peso and the Brazilian Real. And he setup a fund promising over a 60X return based on the realization of single bet: That the peg on the Hong Kong dollar will blowout in 2021.

There is real weakness in the financial systems of some of these and other countries like Turkey. But as I have written before, there are other cabalistic sorts of things governments are doing to restrict and control the fluxes of their own currencies now as well, in preparation to shift over to electronic money. Just before Modi eliminated the 500 and 1000 rupee notes overnight, he consulted with Bill Gates on the question, but did not consult his own central bank.

The Great Reset has entered the public discourse now, which is good. But the talk that is occurring now about what the WEC, IMF, WHO, UN, and a host of governments seem to be up to is still too ‘sanitized’ for my taste. Maybe reducing the population and eliminating carbon-based energy production (an impossible thing to accomplish fully) are arguably-plausible goals, but shouldn’t the means to accomplish those things be voted on by we the common little people, and the policies still be crafted differently for each country? Leaders who are willing to destroy the sovereignty of the countries they lead and the lives of millions of people in order to pursue their dreams of some ‘utopian’ society (that they will control) are guilty of crimes against humanity, period. It is the same general motive that Hitler had. The annual meeting at Davos should no longer be looked upon as some glamorous “Burning Man for the Elite”. At it core, it is the richest 0.0005% gathering to eliminate or economically enslave the 95% so that they can have even more control and wealth. There’s nothing for nothing any of the rest of us to admire or get gaga over in that. And yet so many people direct their revulsion at Trump, and so many still embrace this notion that a massive government should control (“look-after”) them.

These international elites have openly expressed their excitement for using the COVID crisis as an opportunity to remake the world economy (“Build Back Better !”), but when it comes to providing details of what new model they intend for it, they are very circumspect. If they are willing to impose their new system upon everyone without consulting them, and are stupid/arrogant enough to believe that such a vastly complex, interconnected, self-organizing system like the world economy can be largely taken down and then just “built back”, does it seem at all prudent or sensible for the rest of us to passively wait to see what will be imposed once its too late for us to contest it ? The economy will need to be rebuilt: I prefer that government stay out of the way of that rather than impose its new secret scheme for that upon us.

It’s bad enough that political leaders in multiple countries have bankrupted their societies and now want to collectivize their power and forgive their own debts while subjugating their citizens from being able to utter an effective peep against any of it. Just the portent of electronic CBDCs for this is very scary: The government will have full view of every cent you have, where you invest it, and what you spend it on. And if it doesn’t like your behavior in any regard, there is no longer any need for any messy business like physically rounding-up “dissidents” like you – they can render you ‘no longer effective’ just by switching off your money. But they may have more elaborate schemes to control (and in some sense even enslave) you.

I have noted that Klaus Schwab has talked about implanting micro-digital ID and monitoring devices into people, and Bill Gates mentioned this in a TED talk. But that segment of his talk has now been censored out by the same powers-that-be that wont let your hear doctors testify against novel inadequately tested vaccines that they aim to put into your body. There is even crazier stuff Schwab has talked about like melding humans with AI. Mentioning that in earlier posts would likely have just stopped you from reading any further. I still don’t care to conjecture about it since we already have people Alex Jones for that, and its just too reminiscent of the beyond-1984 science fiction by people like Asimov, and Phil Dick that I used to read in high school. But in-case any of you are curious, here’s a link to an investment banker who is not shy about connecting those dots (the video comes replete with ominous intro music):

I first heard about the ‘mark of the beast’ prophecy of Revelations some 45 years ago from Christians talking about the rapture and and the ‘end-times’: (“…the mark will be placed into the forehead or the back of the hand, and all those who do not accept it will be disallowed from entering the public square to engage in buying or selling.”) I do find it curious that that statement finally has been given some plausible meaning with regard to ongoing worldly affairs. Another thing from my own experience: About 15 years ago with a group of other people, I began spiritual training with a yogi from India. He told us back then that “in the upcoming future, people will be turned into machines”. While speaking with him on the phone last month I mentioned this trans-humanist crap that some these self-appointed masters of the earth are talking about now and how it seems to fit with what he predicted back then. His response was: “I tried to tell you guys”.

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