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Do not think for a second believe that BLM, ANTIFA, and the other voices calling for defunding and dismantling the police seek a society with no law enforcement – everyone wants security. What they want is their own law enforcement apparatus; one that will keep their favored Marxist politicians in power no matter how unpopular they may be with the American people. The reason that BLM wants the present ranks of police officers gone is because they know that they are overwhelmingly decent defenders of our public safety who would never follow any dictator’s order to brutalize the citizens of America into submission to his totalitarian junta. Many of the defunded/laid-off and demoralized-into-early-retirement cops will be replaced, likely after the election – watch who replaces them.

A Marxist takeover is the real reason these people want to eliminate our (present) cops. History shows clearly that, following a coup d’ etat, any new, abusive, and unpopular junta can only retain its power as long as the military and law enforcement side with the dictator and will follow his orders to fire on the people to keep them controlled. If the Venezuelan military & police ever flip from being loyal to Maduro to standing resolutely with the Venezuelan people, you would see that tyrant gone in two weeks. As soon as the police and the army side with the people, the dictator’s game ends. The insurgents know this.

Vote-by-mail is unnecessary. As AG Barr recently noted to Wolf Blitzer: Old people and COVID shut-ins can (still) request for the standard absentee ballot to be sent to their homes. Trump’s assertion that the election outcome may not be known the day after, and that newly-arriving mail-in votes could continue to re-determine it have not been refuted by anyone because they are credible. If the major press outlets declare Biden the popular winner, the democrats have said they will seek to remove Trump and they have approached the military to do that. And they have already had the intelligence agencies working for them (surprisingly ineptly) against Trump since he took office. There were substantial replacements of leadership personnel in the military, the FBI & DOJ, the IRS, and the intelligence agencies under the Obama administration that made them operate in a more partisan manner since. This has been evident with the roles played by the likes of Comey, Brennan, et. al in their attempted ‘soft coup version 1’ against Trump.

Regarded forecasters say that the democrats will not accept defeat nor do they expect that the supreme court would seat Biden in the Oval Office if the election is fouled and dragged out by their new voting scheme. So the expectation is that they will turn the controversy from a court battle to street/uprising battle, and use their same old tired Red Herring of Russian interference in the election to explain a Trump victory. One forecaster expects that cooperative media and big Tech will likely shut down Trump’s social media accounts, which have been his main unfiltered means of communication with the American people.

Civil unrest will escalate. Neither side will accept a loss with such a corrupted and untrustworthy voting system. This election will tear the divide in our society much more gaping chasm. (Most) everyone is now well-aware of the freedoms that government has already taken from us under the much less dire (and less real) existing circumstances (Covidiocy), so you can set your own expectations of what they will do when the riots we’ve already seen comeback multiplied. If you, like me, aren’t one of the wealthy-and-liquid who have already sold your urban real estate and setup your homestead in the rural lands, time is running out. I am stuck in California in several ways, unless I throw abandon to the wind, sell, and go rent an apartment somewhere without employment for either my wife or I. But the squad might end up running the federal government – either by propping puppet Biden up to recite pre-recorded, voiced-over speeches, or by putting him aside and letting Kamala, who can still talk and remember what city she’s in, be our new leader. In that case, it might not matter as much what part of the country you live in. It feels very akin to the Banana Republic ‘poli-tricks’ I used to read about happening in South America decades ago, but its unfolding here, now.

“….and I’m hovering like a fly, waiting for the windshield on the freeway.” – From “The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway” (Genesis, 1974).

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