SCOTUS Just Gave Half of Oklahoma Away

Which of course sets the most firm legal precedent possible in the country for other places to move for the same. The social justice push keeps finding new allies and objectives: From food product labels to statues, the NFL, and now the supreme court acting on behalf of an injustice to native Americans committed 200 years ago. The dream of America as the great ‘melting pot’ seems to have peaked and is now in reverse. American society is being fragmented fast, and not just in the sentiments among the people, but institutionally. What groups, organizations, corporations, or institutions are going to join in on dismantling and dividing the country and its history next ? What was inconceivable 6 months ago is now happening regularly.

The storylines are so slanted toward division and demonization of what has come up to the present for America. I love the writings of Thomas Jefferson and find them meaningful. But he owned slaves, and that makes him at-once dismissible and demonize-able by many people now. That is the only dimension of the man by which they will measure him. And trying to discuss this as even a partially-open question with these people will make you worthy of being dismissed and vilified yourself.

But what if those people could put their animus and predisposition aside for a few minutes and look closer at his life ? Would the following matter to them ?: – Thomas Jefferson never sought to acquire slaves. The ones he owned came into his possession from his wife when he married her. – He felt responsible for their welfare and did not brutalize them. – He determined which of them were skilled enough to make a living on their own means, and he released them as free men. – He knew that the unskilled ones would likely starve on their own (or give themselves back over to ownership to work in some other land owner’s fields). The economy at that time was 3/4 agrarian, and there were no options for unskilled people to make their way as a Starbucks barista or as an Uber driver. So he kept his unskilled slaves to help with tending his own home and land. – Probably most-telling of how Jefferson treated his slaves and how they regarded them is the fact that they wept at his bedside when he died – they loved him. If you lived then and came into ownership of slaves like did, how could you have looked out for them any better ?

Jefferson had long been against slavery and his phrase “all men are created equal” in the Declaration of Independence was highly controversial among the slave owning delegates. He had argued against the practice in court well before writing the declaration. People can only be judged or estimated by how they behaved within the societies and times they were constrained to live in. There were queens of England who wed at 15, which would now be considered a Jefferey Epstein level abomination.

So would these facts about Jefferson matter to the people who are out to dismantle the American history that includes him ? Hardly a chance. Because the ones purely driven by emotion are being used, funded, and incited by organizations whose purpose IS to destroy the USA. And only if and when that happens will they realize what pawns they were and what they lost. If the country ever comes under absolutist Marxist control after all this division and discord has enabled it, then even the rich people piling-onto the division now for their own purposes will find that their ‘usefulness’ will have run-out. They will suddenly become merely a few more filthy rich people to be cursed and asset-stripped. I used to work with an ex-Venezuelan who assured me that nothing akin to the ‘Bolivarian Revolution’ could ever occur here in the US. I wonder what he thinks now.

The division fomented by BLM/Antifa is one thing. The democratic party is fanning the fire now that their social-welfare promises are all going insolvent (like they are internationally), but that is basically just a shocking intensification and radicalization of what they have pretended to champion since the 60s. But when the Supreme Court digs into history to award ‘reparations’ by suddenly making the citizens of Tulsa into residents of a non-US territory without warning, there’s no telling where this will go. The country is likely to divide, and people are going to choose with their feet whether they want to stake their future on the ‘progressives’ or on what they’ve known. To the extent ‘E pluribus unum’ worked, the country continued to build and strengthen as a whole. But once our various subgroups of people discard that and just start fighting to get awarded their own privileges and a slice of country’s net worth just for being born who they are, the balkanization has begun. Xi Jinping loves it.

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