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I avoiding trying to connect any COVID dots for anyone, but I have to give some quick COVID-dystopia updates because they are just getting too surreal. Some California counties are now expanding without-probable-cause COVID testing so that they can forcibly take already-quarantined people out of their own homes and confine them into ‘quarantine centers’…For an infectious disease that has proven to be about as deadly as the annual flu ? I hope people demand justification for this – esp. now that CA is simultaneously about to make its first stage of reopening on Friday:


The last time I can recall anything similar happening in America was when our government rounded up Japanese-Americans into internment camps during WWII; something that has been regarded very unfavorably and shamefully since. If I get infected with COVID and want to live or die in my own bed, I expect that I should be allowed to as long as I’m not inviting people over to expose themselves to me.

Here are some things to consider for yourself: Bill Gates is going around the world pushing for an international requirement that everyone must receive the COVID vaccine that he is working on but hasn’t even developed yet. Since the CDC reports that the effectiveness of vaccines lies only in the range between 20-60%, its pretty weird to push the idea that a single vaccine-to-be is going to be the ‘must-have’ magic bullet that is going to make all of human society safe from the dreaded COVID – but many government leaders seem to be buying into it.

Gates will have no liability if his vaccine causes harm to people (as some of his other ones have in places like rural India) because he has basically bribed government officials to remove our human and civil rights to sue for personal injury or death caused by a vaccine. Basically, Gates can inject you with anything he decides to with total “immunity” (ahem). Now that Trump has removed US funding for the WHO, its biggest funding source is…Bill Gates’ foundation. He has also used his money to gain big influence and control over the CDC and the FDA (you thought they were purely public entities, right ?).

Gates is telling people worldwide that they will likely die if they refuse to accept his vaccine, which is untrue, unprovable, and ridiculous to say before his vaccine has even been developed and tested. Why be so shrill about a virus that is less lethal than the flu? Gates admitted in a public interview that 700,000 people could die from his vaccine. Bing Liu, a renowned U. of Pittsburgh COVID researcher who was purportedly on the verge of a breakthrough against the pandemic was just found murdered in his home. A second man, who authorities ‘believe was the killer gunman’ was found dead of ‘self-inflicted gunshot wound’ in his car outside Bing’s residence – so its case-closed on that incident:


Gates funded every study that said 2 million Americans should be dead of COVID by now. He has controlling influence over the WHO, the CDC, NIH, FDA, and medical research universities around the world. He has engineered another global monopoly – this time of the health care industry and he enjoys the backing of Big Pharma whose lobby is huge, and which congress has absolved of all liability for doing harm. The press should ask any politician who criticizes anti-vaccine people if they accept money from any drug-making company or advocacy group, but they will not ask that.

How to put this all together ? – I don’t know the full picture of what is in-play, but I do know that one sensible, right, apolitical, and likely very-helpful thing to do is to write my representatives and senators to demand that they reinstate our rights to sue actors like Gates and big Pharma if they push people to take into their bodies substances and vaccines that end-up doing them harm, or that impose any other circumstances or ‘side effects’ upon them that they did not agree to. Those congress members gave away our protective civil rights there for some extra money for themselves. That was something they never should have done as our representatives and should be required to immediately undo, without question nor protest.

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